They're Irreplaceable

My family. Over the years I have come to find that the one stable thing in my life is my family. We have a very complicated blended family that is changing and growing very quickly. There were many years in my life that we lived far apart in several different states, and dynamics changed frequently... it hasn't always been easy, or fun, or stable... but right now, the thing I am most thankful for is my individual relationships with each member of my core family.

You know the people that you grow up with, that you have memories with... As you get older people change, people come (and go) from your family unit. For me those six original core Conner family members are the MOST important thing to me. I have an amazing relationship with each one individually. I can be with any one member of my family for any period of time and talk about anything, or do anything, and be perfectly content and happy. I feel like in this world that is so rare.


The best times in my life and the best memories are from when we are all together. It hasn't happened very often lately, but when it does its like time has never passed. Mom, Christie, Melissa and I all now live within a couple of miles of each other. That is a miracle in its self and SUCH a blessing for me. Dad and Kailey live in Saint George Utah. We see them very frequently and are so lucky to have a lot of time with them. Scottee lives in Tacoma, and we do not see him nearly as much as we need to. It's been twice in about 2 1/2 years that we have all got to be together.

Scottee came down a couple of weeks after Christmas, so of course dad and Kailey came for the weekend to make a party out of it. The best week I have had probably all year! The weekend was full of late night deep thinking conversations, Pitch perfect (several times) loud music, card games, food and laughter.

- We celebrated Chris's birthday with some major fajitas at Mondos.


- We spent the day at Wild Life world which was the MOST amazing zoo ever! Scottee touched all of the animals including actual lions, tigers, panthers, etc.

- We got a lot of bonding time listening to music and having deep conversations. I feel more close to my family than ever... so ahmahzing!



Hoping 2013 brings many many more weekends like that one. Scottee, move to Arizona!!

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