We Becomes Me

You know when you feel awkward?

In my family, we have a special skill for making other people feel awkward.. and we love to use it... It's so mean really, but worth it cause it's funny.
It is not so funny, however, when I am the one feeling awkward.
I have such lovely {aka disgustingly pale} Irish skin that turns red on any inconvenient awkward occasion. When I was growing up, my sister and I use to lie in bed at night sharing the nightmares of when our faces would turn blazingly red during the day.

There were a couple of years in between pubescence and adulthood that the red would only appear when I was working out, or feeling guilty. Lately it's been happening more and more for no reason at all. Today was one such occasion.

When you get married, you tend to get into the habit of saying 'we' all the time. Since 'we' is now only 'me' I've been trying hard to break the habit. Making that mistake opens you up for questions that I'd rather not answer. It makes me nervous.

So I'm at the DMV {or MVD as they call it in Arizona for some strange reason} and the lady asks me when I moved into the state. I answered quickly without thinking, 'we moved here at the end of October.' The lady stared at me. I couldn't figure out why for a good 30 seconds then she said, 'would you like to add your spouse to your car registration?' INSTANTLY my face turned FIRE ENGINE RED! And for no reason... hello! Why is my face so red?! I got all fidgety said no quickly and then tried to turn my face so she wouldn't notice the sweat forming on my upper lip.

When your face turns red, obviously the person thinking you're lying about something. She says, 'you know if you're married then your spouse has to be listed on your car insurance'...silence... I'm not sure what happened... it was a daze, but once I started talking I couldn't stop... I explain to her that I'm not married I just recently got divorced, but it's not final yet so I haven't changed my same,  and am in the habit of saying we because I'm use to being married. But that apparently wasn't enough... Then I go on to tell her that my face always turns red for no reason, and I'm nervous my hands are sweating... blady blah... why did I tell her all that?

She stares at me for another eternity... hands me my license plate, and says have a good day...

AWKWARD! I couldn't get out of there fast enough. The problem is that the situation probably wasn't a big deal... quick slip of the tongue. No harm no foul... so why did my face betray me and turn so red... damn luck of the Irish.


  1. oh man. this brought back memories.

    hang in there, dearie. and if it makes you feel any better, i'm sure you look adorable with your red face despite any embarrassment. :)

  2. tee hee.

    I have to admit I have always said "we" even before boys liked me back. I have learned to back it up with " you know me and my multiple personalities." You can borrow it if you want!